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The water resources are used to supply water to the various parts of the world as such. The aim is to improve the water availability as such by increasing the water resources as a whole. The other way to improve water availability is via water preservation and water conservation as such. Water usage as a whole would be the vital answer to having water resources for the future as such. The water that we drink is different from the sea water because of the chemical composition of the water- it would vary as per the water resource as such. Each water resource is unique and depends on the geographic location as a whole- this would vary the supply route as such. The technique to take water out of the water resource as a whole is different for each water resource as such. The goal is to ensure that such techniques are eco-friendly in nature as such so as to increase the water availability as such for the whole world. Each water resource would need a seperate set of techniques for the water derving as such. The water resources are divided into two categories as such: natural and man-made water resource. The natural water resource would be the one that is available in two formats: renewable and non-renewable. In that it is subdivided into two categories: technology or methods needed to clean the water and no need for external technology to clean the water. 

Natural water resource:

The following are listed as the natural water resources:

  1. Sea water
  2. Rivers
  3. Lakes
  4. Groundwater
  5. Ancient water preservation techniques
  6. Water falls

The goal is to ensure that this is how the water that we drink comes from the water resource in as much clean condition as possible. Given that, there’s a lot of usage of the water purifiers and water preservation is needed given the greater usage of water as such. Water as a resource in the sea water needs to be cleaned and removed of several components before it can be used for drinking purposes as such. Such techniques involve a lot of hard work and technological growth as well as the equipment as a whole as such. 

Man made resources:

The following are the man made water resources:

  1. Dams
  2. Water reservoirs
  3. Water storage tanks
  4. Water fountain
  5. Wells

The man made water resources are used for the overall storage and usage of water resources as such. The dams and water reservoirs are used to preserve water and use water as such. 

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