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The water purification is done in several steps as such starting from getting the water from the water resource. It is then subjected to several steps that are both natural and man made as such. The goal is to improve the overall water availability for a particular purpose as such. This would enable the increase in water efficiency as such and thus, this would enable the overall water to be purified in such a way that it is important to know how to do it. The steps would be then implemented in such a way that it is done for a long term plan as such and thus, this is how it would enable the overall growth of the community and the society as such. The aim is to get water in such a way that it would enable the overall increase in water saving awareness as such- thus, the water purification steps are way more important as such. This is how the water plays a vital role in day to day lives as such and thus, for each usage of water, there’s a different water purification availability as such. Each water purification technique would be useful in multiple ways as such and thus, each one can be used to increase water taste and other intrinsic characteristics of the water as such. The aim is to get the water purification techniques to be both efficient and eco-friendly as such. The water purification steps can be divided into two: natural and man-made. This can also be divided into long term and short term as such. 

Natural steps for water purification:

The following are the steps for water purification that is available via nature as such:

  1. The sun- exposing the water to the direct sunlight for a limited time would enable the water to be purified as such. 
  2. Filteration- using a filter would enable the water to be cleaned as such. 
  3. Trees- the use of pine tree leaves can be used to purify water naturally as such. This can be used for multiple day to day purposes as such.

Artificial ways to purify water:

  1. Boiling- by boiling water, the overall germs are destroyed to a certain extent and it is fit for usage. 
  2. Distillation- it is the process of purifying water as such. 
  3. Water purifier- the water purifier is used to purify water using various devices that are available in it. 

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