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  1. When we open the tap, clean tasty water flows out. Water undergoes several purification steps before it flows from taps.
  2. Water has the capacity to cleanse itself. Contaminants are removed from water during biological processes.
  3. No one knows exactly when we began to use activated carbon, but its use as a water purifier dates back to 400 B.C. when Hindus and Phoenicians charred barrels before filling them with water.
  4. There are many different options you have when it comes to water purification systems and your plumbing specialist can help you choose the ideal system for your family’s need.
  5. Ion exchange is a major means of purifying water for industrial purposes. The degree of purity depends on the source of the water and it’s uses.
  6. Reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light are used to remove non-ionized substances, organic materials, etc., prior to the deionization stage.
  7. The quality of water has become an aspect that is on the forefront when discussing the health of the global population.
  8. A water supply is ‘safe’ does not necessarily signify that absolutely no risk is ever incurred in drinking it. What is usually meant, and all that can be asserted from any evidence at hand, is that the danger, if any, is so small that it cannot be discovered by available means of observation.
  9. The least expensive and most effective solution is boiling. Boiling will kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses.
  10. Distillation purifies water by using a heat source to vaporize it. When the water becomes a vapor, it separates the liquid from any contaminants or debris that can appear in surface water or groundwater.

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