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The water conservation as a whole shall always be known as the time in which the conservation is given utmost importance- the fact is that in day to day life, water conservation often takes a back seat until it becomes a necessity such as the water in summer. The goal is to make this part of the day to day routine but it takes time and effort. The aim is to increase the water awareness in such a way that it helps in water conservation. A lot of things are needed for water conservation but it is almost important that the resource expenditure is taken into consideration. The water conservation is vital for human beings to survive in torrid climatic conditions. It helps in conserving vital nutrients inside the body and thus, it helps in building a healthier future. For water conservation, there are water conservation resources that play a vital role in it and thus, these are essential. The goal is to improve the water resources in such a way that it helps in reducing wastage and improving resource expenditure in an efficient and correct manner. Water as a resource is important but the conservation in terms of the growth of the environment as well as the society is more vital.

Water as a resource:

Water as a resource is available in several types and hence, it can be easily acquired. The problem lies in defining its usage and therein lies the issue. The types of water that can be used to clean utensils is different from the type that is consumable for humans. The demand for each type of water varies and it entirely depends on the overall availability. The aim is to get access to more water resources to meet the continuously rising demand for water. 

Water as resource is available in lakes, rivers, seas, ground water, reservoir, among others. The water from the sea undergoes several levels of filtration before it can be safely used for different types of consumption. Water can also be gotten directly from the source or it can be taken indirectly via water conservation pipes, taps among others so that it can be used for the consumption purpose. The type of taking the water from the source varies and it isn’t a constant one as well. 

Water conservation:

Water can be easily conserved when there’s a sense of water awareness and the key is to understand the importance subjectively. The goal is to improve the water resource as a whole. The aim is to enhance the water usage as a whole in an efficient manner so as to improve water quality for consumption. Both these would lead to enhancement in water conservation. The water conservation is done via two key methods: man made efforts and non-man made efforts. 

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