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The water conservation resources are those that are used to conserve water or can be used to conserve water. These consist of several things such as reservoirs, tanks, water storage vessels, water purifiers among other things. They can be used in day-to-day life for water saving. The goal is to improve the water conservation resources and preserve water. However, the water conservation resources are optimally used and are used in various water conservation methods. These also include the various policies and other things such as rules, regulations for going through the water conservation part. Resources are used in such a way that they are of two types: natural resources and man-made resources. The man made resource are put forth due to the demand while the natural resources are a finite value and can’t be used beyond a certain threshold. The wastage of water leads to an increase in the overall water conservation need and hence, the resources will play a vital role in helping the future generation for water. The goal is to enable water conservation as a whole. 

Natural Resources:

  1. Water Reservoir.
  2. Water purifier.
  3. Water well.
  4. River.
  5. Lake.
  6. Ground Water.
  7. Spring Water.
  8. Plants.

Man-made resources:

  1. Policies.
  2. Water storage sheds.
  3. Water storage tank.
  4. Water purifier.
  5. Water storage devices such as vessels and earthen pots.
  6. Rules and regulations. 
  7. Dams. 
  8. Water pebble. 
  9. Sprinklers. 
  10. Artificial lakes.

The various man made resources often differ in terms of one simple thing: the efficiency when compared with that of the natural occurring resources is lower. The goal is to increase the overall water conservation resources and hence, it is where the various water saving techniques would help the overall water availability. The aim is to increase the water usage in such a way that it is optimal and hence, it is done to enhance the water resources.

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