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  1. Conserve water, every drop counts!
  2. Water conservation is key to a sustainable future for you and me. 
  3. Think outside the sink!
  4. Use water but never waste water!
  5. Let’s all do our share to conserve water with care.
  6. Save water and tell others to do so. 
  7. Stop making a splash. Conserve water.
  8. The best gift you can give to coming generation is water.
  9. Use water but never waste water!
  10. Water Smarter!
  11. Saving water one drop at a time. 
  12. One goal, one passion… water conservation.
  13. Water conservation rocks!
  14. Be green like a pro, by conserving H2O.
  15. The less you use, the more you save.
  16. Drop everything. Water is life. 
  17. Water is our friend. 
  18. Water is precious. Conserve when you do dishes. 
  19. There are no substitutes for water.
  20. Water is the substance of life, treasure it!
  21. Thank you Water!
  22. Save water before its too late….

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