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Water conservation has been traditionally done right from the time the birth of civilisation till now and will continue in the future as well. This is done to preserve water and increase the efficiency of water usage as well as conserve water. The aim is to get water utilization to the maximum efficiency. Water resources are in great stress due to increased population, industrialization & Urbanization. Only through sustainable methods of water conservation, water can be saved for present and future generations. 

Water conservation and management encompasses the policies, strategies and activities made to manage water as a sustainable resource, to protect the water environment, and to meet current and future human demand. The various ways to conserve water is often divided into two different ways: Traditional and non-traditional. The latter refers to the latest technologies being used for water conservation. ‘Water’ is one of the most important earth resources and its conservation is at the top of the curriculum in today’s green-conscious world. Learning the value and importance of conserving the earth’s resources should be practiced from the childhood days. 

Traditional ways to water conservation:

The traditional ways to conserve water refers to the lay of the land and the water level which is measured with respect to the sea level. The higher the attitude, the lower the water capacity in the ground known as ground water. This leads to the less usage of water in those areas which is however supported ably by the climatic conditions of the area. The impact of traditional ways is that it is economical and hence, it is how the water level leads to an increase in the water capacity. 

The various ways to conserve water traditionally is listed here by Ecobuzz and that’s where the traditional ways lead to conservation of water which is then used to get the measurement of water conservation value. The water conservation value is enhanced as well when the traditional ways are used for these are the ways in which the water is used to conserve water.  The traditional ways often enhance the water efficiency in an eco-friendly way. This essay on Ecobuzz describes in detail about the traditional ways to water conservation:

Non-traditional ways to water conservation:

IOT method:

The technological ways to conserve water include several methods such as the irrigation control methods among other things- such technologies are often used at various firms as well as the overall ways are improved. The smart water meter is used to conserve water and predict the optimum way to conserve water and hence, this is where the smart water meter is used to move the way forward. The aim is to conserve water and ensure the optimum use forward. Some of the other devices are shower regulators, water aerators, water nozzles, water taps among others. 

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