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Water is an essential part of the planet earth- it is what constitutes an integral part of the Earth. It is of two types: Consumable water for human beings and other living things and non-consumable water which is for every usage. The latter is particularly known as the sea water. The latest improvement in technologies have helped improve the overall water renewable sector. From a chemistry perspective, water is known to consist of two atoms: oxygen and hydrogen. Water is not only essential for human body, it is also playing an important role in our daily life activities, examples like washing clothes and food. The oxygen atom is known to have the valency value of 0 and the hydrogen atom is known to have the valency value of 2. All plants and animals need water to survive. There can be no life on earth without water. Water supplies are routinely checked for germs and chemicals which can pollute water. If the water is not safe to drink it is treated. All the action taken to make sure that drinking water is potable is called water treatment.  Water forms an important part of day to day life and that is where the usage of water starts for a human being extrinsically. For those who understand biology, water forms an important part of the body and produces the supply flow which decreases the viscosity in the blood and thus enables increase in the health of the human body. This is where water forms a crucial part of both the environment and the human body. 

Need of Water Conservation:

Water is needed for the growth of the human body and the environment. It is essential for growth of plants, industries, and other things that constitute an integral part of the country. The need for water conservation stems from the fact that there’s a supply and demand of water- the supply of water is significantly lower than the demand of water. This is where the need for water conservation stems from as such. As our world industrialised, water pollution is getting serious. There are three main types of water pollution caused by human activities, which are domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and agricultural wastewater.

In order to improve the overall efficiency of water and its usage, the water conservation is important and thus, this is where Ecobuzz steps in to fulfill that need. The Ecobuzz plays a vital role in water conservation as well and that is where the freshwater resources are taken into consideration by Ecobuzz when the products of Ecobuzz are being manufactured. 

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