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We all know that clean water is necessary for human survival. But why exactly is it so important? The importance of clean water has been highlighted in recent years as environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Water pollution can lead to the spread of countless diseases and illnesses, which not only affect those who drink polluted water, but also those who live near it or consume food that was irrigated with contaminated water. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the importance of clean water and how you can avoid exposure to these health risks by drinking and using cleaner sources!

  1. Use of pre treated water for drinking and domestic use using government approved water treatment plants is necessary.
  2. Discharge of effuluent should be followed as per standards and regulations to protect the environment.
  3. Polluted water can be avoided by following some recommendations like, not eating food that has been irrigated with contaminated water and boiling or filtering any other water you use for drinking purposes. So stay healthy!