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The meaning of water conservation is the conservation of water by reducing wastage of water and increasing the optimal use of water. There are several ways to conserve water- one being that of the technology method and the other being that of the non-technology method. By conserving water, we are heading towards a greener future with a move towards optimal use of resources- water is an important resource for various things such as human life, construction, irrigation, food etc. Various water conservation methods indicate that conservation of water can easily be enabled via the above listed methods. Water available on this planet for freshwater consumption is a very small percentage of the total amount of water available on this plant. The various things that encourage water conservation are posters, quotes, articles, awareness about water conservation, among others. The goal is to increase the amount of water available for usage and thus, this is where water conservation is important.

Importance of Water Conservation:

  1. Water conservation increases the amount of fresh water available for drinking and this increases the health of the individual.
  2. It also leads to decrease in overhead costs for other water usage purposes such as construction, irrigation, food preparation, industrial usage among others. 
  3. Water also plays an important role in reducing the overall global warming and the temperature rise.
  4. Water conservation is important for the reason that water is a renewable resource and hence, water being conserved helps increase the overall renewable resources. 
  5. Conservation of water also enables the plant growth and the growth of various life beings such as insects and others. This leads to the water being important for the ecosystem. 

The goal is to conserve water and at the same time, ensure that water is being used optimally- thus, the conservation of water and other things such as water usage, preservation of water would help increase awareness about saving of water in day-to-day life and hence, water is an important part of life. 

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