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Go green initiative is all about creating awareness among people about the perks of
saving and conserving available resources. Go green is a must appreciated
initiative as most of our available resources are being utilised to its maximum
without consent of future well-being. Go green initiative is more about
protecting human health through environmental stewardship. 



Go green initiatives aim at providing knowledge and trainings to students and
volunteers. Since the technical progress has changed people’s lives immensely,
it is so important that the future generations are well educated about
conserving the environment rather than engaging with mobiles, tablets and play station.Human life has been made more comfortable with advent of industrialisation, which is great, but they do not realise that these comforts deplete the available natural resources and most of it directly or indirectly affect the
environment. It is important to nourish the knowledge of young minds about the
importance of go green initiatives.


Here are the easiest and effective three way steps that can be followed by anyone right now!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle-advocated by go green initiative.


Reduce your consumption.






The more you consume, the more you waste energy resources and generate waste. Buy commodities that really provide value service to your needs, avoid buying
unwanted services just because you want. By reducing consumption you decrease
the amount of waste you produce. 


Here are a few key points you can act now on conserving energy:


  • Turn off electronic appliances when not in use.
  • Use fluorescent lights instead of incandescent lights
  • Make sure to seal your surroundings while using Air coolers, Air conditioners, Heaters.
  • Use equipment which consuming low wattage as they save a large sum in your electric bill.
  • Drive fuel efficient cars as they save up a lot of fuel, only if you need to.
  • Opt for rechargeable tools rather than corded tools, these tools consume less energy.
  • Save water resources. Avoid using too much water for any work rather than the required amount. Install water saving Nozzles if required. 











  • Try to use glass jars instead of plastic containers.
  • If you still intend to use plastic containers, try to reuse them as much as you can.
  • Get creative and make use of newspapers, magazines to create yourself a handbag or grocery bag or something
    you can make use of.
  • You can always reuse old clothes, beddings and other materials by changing them into cleaning cloths instead of
    throwing them.
  •  Try to make use of the seeds that you get from fruits and vegies, cultivate them and encourage organic eating.
  • Try to reuse laundry water to wash floors and outdoors.
  • Place a bucket in the shower and collect the water, which can be later used to flush toilets or water the
  • Harvesting rain water is the common practice to save and conserve water as this technique benefits a person in
    miraculous ways.
  • Water used in kitchens can be often reused to water plants and other gardening purposes.









Recycling is the best way to avoid dumping of lot of waste in places and
landfills. Recycling also ensures that a lot less resources is utilised in
creation of new commodities. Recycling ensures that the environment pollution
is under control.  Always prefer to buy
products that can be recycled for future use. There are several ways through
which use can recycle you daily use goods for your efficient benefit. By
adapting yourself to these recyclable products you can play a major role in
environment conserving and can also influence and educate a lot of people to
involve in GO Green Initiatives