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  1. Usage of the outreach program of various nationalized as well as international Non profits would help reach out to more deserving people as that is the aim of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). 
  2. The development of teams within the company would help develop a separate path for the CSR outreach. This would lead to designing activities in a very specific manner. 
  3. The outreach program is integrated with the overall plan of the company and thus, plays an integral role in enhancing the financial as well as the company’s goals as well. 
  4. The goal of the program would play a vital role in deciding the various activities and the people involved- this is where the overall company goals would be considered and can actually be met- thus, it is beneficially both financially and economically. 
  5. The CSR goal can be met with the help of the company employees and using the notice board, the information can be spread and this is where the crowdsourcing of ideas would help. 
  6. The aim would be to get the company as well as the employees involved in a donation campaign at the office itself so as to avoid the overhead costs. This is highly beneficial for the under-privileged section of the society.
  7. The CSR activities can be designed in such a way that the end goal is now divided into smaller goals and thus, each activity will correspond to the goal. This is when the goal can be achieved. 
  8. The goal would be need to defined to the smallest breakable task and hence, once that is available with the company, the best possible resources are used to achieve the goal. 
  9. The publicity part of the campaign would help increase the footfall even before the campaign has began- this would mean the use of newspaper outlets along with the various social media platforms. 
  10. The aim is to increase the economic as well as the holistic growth of the company- this is done to provide the best possible resources to the needy section of the society. Resource allocation can help met the CSR goal if it is done in an optimum path. 
  11. The CSR financial resources should be in a perfect alignment with the company’s financial resources so as to get the maximum financial returns for the company and keep the CSR initiatives moving forward. 
  12. The sponsorships provided to the various under-privileged children from various backgrounds would help improve the outreach program of the company as well. 
  13. The aim is to get the growth of the company done in a holistic way so as to improve the economic as well as social benefits- being clear with the goal would help develop a specific outreach for the company as a whole. 
  14. By partnering with NGO’s directly, the CSR goal can be met with their help over a period of time wherein the NGO would help enhance the company’s growth in the correct direction. 
  15. The third party agencies would be able to conduct the activities on their own and help enhance the company’s growth as a whole as well. 
  16. The CSR would be the vital part wherein the growth of the company would depend on the various CSR initiatives- hence, this is where the importance of CSR would be stressed upon by the various small things done at workplace. This would include plants being placed at the workplace and use of green products. 
  17. The goal is to improve the overall growth of the society as well- hence, CSR is enhanced and the goal is met when there’s growth in both the country and the society. 
  18. The CSR initiatives would help know the true impact of the socio-economic factor for this is when the overall growth of CSR is met when the social conditions are taken into consideration where the CSR activity is set to take place. 
  19. The company can increase the expenditure for the various green products so as to improve the company’s CSR’s green outreach.
  20. The aim is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the marginalized section of the society so this is where the CSR goal is met by the various investments made by the company
  21. The aim is to get the CSR enhanced for this is when the growth of the company and the country is guaranteed and hence, this is where the aim is to enhance the CSR of the company and hence, the best way to achieve this goal is to get to know that the CSR initiative would be to get the maximum outreach via the readily available platforms.
  22. The goal is to get the company executives to follow an eco friendly path so as to ensure that the CSR initiative is met. This is where the smaller goals of the CSR are met and hence, the important CSR goals are met as well. 
  23. The CSR initiative is enhanced by the use of the eco-friendly products such as the ability of the company to invest and use such products- partnering and promoting such products indirectly also enhances the CSR initiatives all across the globe. 
  24. The goal is to produce the best possible future in terms of eco-friendly and thus, this is where the company would know that the eco-friendly product would be the best foot forward for CSR- this is where the investment into producing eco-friendly products would help meet the CSR goals. 
  25. The aim is to get the CSR initiatives improve the company and the country as well- this is where various outreach programs of the country are enhanced as well- the aim is to produce the best possible activity- thus, by partnering with the governmental organizations, the CSR is achieved.