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Water Saving drawings by school kids helps them to know and create awareness about the benefits of saving water.

Why we need water saving?

Water is a precious resource. Due to Climate change, extreme weather patterns across the global and environmental degradation by pollution causes the unpredictable water supply for both domestic consumption as well as Industrial consumption.

Increased frequency of drought across the world justifies the climate projections by experts. Water is becoming a national as well as international issue. Even a issue between various Indian states.

Example of water related disputes include dispute between India and Pakistan on Indus water treaty, dispute in Nile river water sharing and Interstate dispute between states for River Kaveri and Narmada water.

Due to reduction of water from natural and historical sources, there is a need to conserve the water at the consumption side by a greater extent through various measures from both government and the users.

A greater percentage of water can be saved by users right from teaching their kids about the importance of water saving. Educational institutions can install the concept of water saving to students through conducting various activity like Seminars, drawing competition.