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The air we breathe is a precious resource. It’s how we get the oxygen that sustains life and how we eliminate toxins from our bodies. However, due to pollution and other factors, many people don’t have access to clean air. In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how you can reduce your personal contribution to air pollution and improve your own quality of life by following 12 simple steps!

Step one: Go for a walk outside or take the dog out.

– Even if you only have time for five minutes, going up and down the block will help improve how much oxygen your heart receives as well as how high of an intensity level it can reach. Your lungs may not be getting enough air flow during exercise according to some experts.

– Walking is a great way to get those endorphins flowing and relieve stress. You can even do it with your friends or family for some extra team building!

Step two: Keep the windows closed while driving in traffic.

– Driving behind someone who has their window down means that you’ll be breathing in exhaust fumes from cars, trucks, buses, etc., that are sitting beside them as well as any other vehicles they’re following closely enough that you don’t have an escape route if needed. Plus, many people turn up the heat when they drive which traps pollutants inside of the car so how does this make sense? Hint: It doesn’t! You might also want to avoid having heated seats .

Step three: Get an air purifier for your house.

– If you’re living in a place that’s high on the list of how polluted it is, you need to get some help from something other than just opening windows every now and then. This one also helps with allergies! You might want to consider how much dust there is where you live which can contribute to how bad things are. (I have a lot of cats…)

Step four: Eat healthy and limit consumption of processed foods.

– I know this may sound difficult but trust me, once you’ve gotten into the habit it will be more fun than not eating them at all! Plus by reducing sugar intake, we reduce our risk of developing type 2 diabities and we also help our bodies eliminate more toxins.

– The food that you eat will be released as waste, and the healthier it is to start with, the less toxic your excrements may be! Healthy options are always best for how much pollution they produce– don’t forget this fact when grocery shopping or deciding what’s on your plate at a restaurant.

Step five: Limit how many plastic bags you use in one day.

– Believe it or not but paper can actually take up to 12 years to decompose if left untouched whereas plastic takes around 50% of that time! Some people recycle these two materials while others just throw them away at no point in their life cycle .

– If you do end up with plastic bags, please remember to recycle them!

Step six: Reduce how often you use your car.

– Riding a bike or taking public transportation is better for the environment as well as how much air pollution can be caused by cars and other vehicles in general. You’ll also save money on gas which will help keep more of it out of the atmosphere and off our planet altogether! It’s an easy way that anyone can make a difference from their own home without having to worry about waiting in line at crowded stores or being too tired after work to go outside. I know what I’m doing this weekend .

Step seven: Get rid of any indoor plants if they’re toxic like arsenic or lead.

– You should also pay attention to how much water they need and how often you need to trim them because this is what determines how many toxins will be released into the air for your breathing pleasure!

Step Eight: Be mindful of how long you’re on a car trip or plane ride.

Step nine: Take public transportation when possible, as it can reduce how much traffic congestion there may be in some major cities which reduces pollution levels overall.

– In big Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, people are encouraged not to drive their cars at all during certain hours if they don’t have to go anywhere important because so many other people do that same thing too and then everyone’s stuck together while waiting for something better than how it was before.

Step Ten: Clean up the outside of your home if you can to limit how much dirt is falling into the air and how many animals are living there that could be producing anything from waste products to methane gas.

– You might want to consider an outdoor cat enclosure or having a dog in order to help keep the grass as well as other plants trimmed and free of pests despite how they may decrease air quality levels by eating things like insects which themselves produce some gases .

– If you’re at someone’s house, offer them some assistance with their garden because not only will this make something better out of what used to exist just for decoration purposes but it will also make them happier! As long as you avoid how how much air pollution there is with fertilizers and pesticides, you’ll be doing a lot of good for the atmosphere.

Step Eleven: Take shorter showers or baths so that less water will evaporate into the air which could release how many toxins it contains depending on what type of soap was used to clean yourself! It can also make your home a little cleaner as well- particularly if you have hard floors where all of this extra moisture would get soaked up anyways.

Step Twelve: You should also consider how often you use hot water because even though people think they’re helping themselves by washing away more germs, they might not realize how dirty their hands are after touching everything from public transit to someone else’s pet without gloves on !

It’s important to take care of our environment and the air we breathe. These twelve practical ways can help you do just that, with little effort on your part! Consider these ideas as a jumping off point for how you might cut down on pollution in your life. Some may work better than others depending on where you live or what resources are available to you at this time. Share any of these strategies that have worked well for you-it will make it easier for other people who want to reduce their environmental impact too! What creative tips would YOU add?