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 What is Water?

    Water is a colourless, odourless substance which is found all over the earth and it covers about 71% of the earth’s surface. Water is made up of billions of molecules. Water is the combination of two hydrogen atoms joined with one oxygen atom which comes out as H2O. There are different types of water on earth. But the most common and useful one is fresh water.




What is Fresh water?  

           To put it in simple terms, Fresh water is one that does not have any dissolved salts or solids, which does not include sea water or brackish water. Fresh water is consumed by humans as well as all the beings in the land. Fresh water is used for many other countless purposes, but among most self-consumption is the most.


How much fresh water is there now?

     Well to best honest, the availability of fresh water is decreasing at an alarming rate. Only about 2% of fresh water resources are available for consumption and other purposes.


How water is being wasted?

The only reason would be carelessness. People around the world take for granted for the water they receive without any effort being made. There are many places on earth where people are suffering from lack of water. People must be careful while using water or it may be wasted. Polluting water is also wasting water. Polluted water literally cannot be used for any other purposes. Water pollution is one of most dangerous pollutions, too.


For example

  1. Unwanted toilet flushing.
  2. Long showers.
  3. Too much water for laundry
  4. Washing hands and things in running water for too long
  5. Overwatering the lawn or garden
  6. Not saving rain water
  7. Leaky faucets
  8. Washing the car too often
  9. Letting water overflow in tanks and agriculture lands.


To see, these are simple things that are a part of our life. Although not everything listed here is what happening with, you sure can relate some of them with you. Let me give you another example, about 2,083 gallons water is being wasted every year in your household, if you have a dripping tap.


How water can be saved?

  1. Take quick and short showers.
  2. Close the tap/showers when not in use.
  3. Try to conserve rain water for reuse.
  4. Fix broken taps and leaky faucets.
  5. Adapt water saving nozzles which can save up to 97% on you water consumption.
  6. Avoid bottled water. You can save environment by avoid plastics.
  7. Adopt water purification in your households.
  8. Have a check on water usage.
  9. Water your lawn/garden wisely.
  10. Check toilets for leaks and fix it.

These are simple and they are not even hard to follow. Save water so that everyone can have a taste of it. If you continue to waste, sure the water scarcity is not going to go down. So please, try to save water.